The title references the daily prompt from my laptop to update its software – tomorrow is as far into the long grass as it will allow me to kick things. I think of its persistence and my prevarication as two forces in opposition. The painting is part of a series exploring surface textures and patina, with dimples gouged out of multiple layers of paint, exposing tiny fragments of each layer. In contrast to this sense of age and time passing, there are rich, buttery passages of paint smeared and smudged across the surface. The khaki brown is the colour created from left-over paint on my palette at the end of each day – the collected remnants of another day’s work.

Remind Me Tomorrow

  • Acrylic on Board
    30 x 30cm unframed
    33 x 33cm framed

    Price includes frame and P&P to UK address

  • This painting is currently on show and available to buy at The Old School Gallery