A graphic designer turned painter, Sue Asbury is originally from Liverpool and now works from her home studio in Bollington on the edge of the Peak District. She explores the overlooked and the everyday, painting with acrylics, using expressive marks and often incorporating the drawn line.

Sue grew up in Liverpool, studied graphic design at Stockport College and built a 15-year career in graphic design in London, winning awards for her exhibition and print design work. Alongside writer Nick Asbury, she is one half of creative partnership Asbury & Asbury. 

Since moving back north in 2008, Sue has made the transition into fine art, while retaining a design sensibility that is evident in her graphic compositions and subjects condensed to simplified forms and scenes. 

Her main area of interest is in mark-making and the line, including experiments with string and other mark-making materials. She makes her sketchbooks an integral part of the process and shares her works-in-progress on Instagram. These include an ongoing series called Left-overs, using paint from previous paintings, scraped into a jar and loosely mixed. 

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