The title references the scheme adopted by my autistic son’s school for transitioning children back to school after lockdown – a challenging time that ended with us withdrawing him from the school system altogether. 


The painting is formed of layers of acrylic paint and collaged elements that create an uneven surface, with shapes competing for space, overlapping in places, partially hidden by thin glazes, or resurfacing after sanding back. 


Although the process is instinctive, in retrospect I see parallels with the struggle we were experiencing at school, with marks that bring to mind sticking plasters and scars, and a continual push-and-pull struggle to establish harmony and balance.

Phased Return

  • Mixed media on Canvas
    50 x 40cm unframed
    53 x 43cm framed

    Price includes frame and P&P to UK address

  • This painting is currently on show and available to buy at The Old School Gallery