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My work is deliberately varied and experimental – I see it as a journey of exploration and a quiet resistance against pressures to specialise. The passing of time and the textures of decay are recurring themes. I’m interested in the weather-beaten, the worn-in, the aged, the mended and repaired, the layers of history.


The work is grouped into three sections – Abstract, Figurative and Collage. I enjoy exploring all three and seeing how they feed into and influence each other. If you have any questions, please get in touch any time via

Abstract works are built up over multiple layers, alternating between decay and repair.

A Rainy Night In Soho | 30 x 30 cm | 2020

Landscapes, scenes of everyday life, nocturnes, still lifes and self-portraits. 

Canal Workshop No. 2 | 60 x 50 cm | 2021


Collage pieces are exploratory, fun ways of engaging in the creative process and igniting new ideas for paintings. 

Shallow Bowl | 40 x 40 cm | 2023

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